welcome to tgfit

tgfit is a well established personal training company that was founded in 1997 by thomas grippo and provides Essex, Morris, Somerset and Hunterdon counties with both studio and in-home training. We educate and illuminate our clients, from a rational, science-based perspective, so they can apply what we refer to as smart gym logic to their training.

Our commitment to our clients is profound – and vice-versa, as a seventeen year member is still going strong at 82! Our expertise is in strength training, general and sport conditioning, with additional support for weight loss, nutrition and motivational guidance – but all of it in a constant flux, as we continually strive for more effective and efficient strategies for our client’s success.

Experienced and free-thinking, we’re a small mom-n-pop, yet  believe our longevity and continued relevance in such an overcrowded fitness space is testament to our core principles of service, results and value, and the passion that drives them.


Working with Tom the past 18 months at TGFIT has been great. I'm in the best shape of my life. Tom cares about his clients, is passionate about his work and nails all the little details while working with each individual's needs and abilities. He encourages you during sets and always provides tips for getting things right. He'll also work with you on your diet. He's an easy choice for a trainer.

John L.

I had a problem with my shoulder in 2003 which turned out to be a bone spur. Tom referred me to the right specialist for diagnosis and treatment, and then designed an appropriate post-rehab program to get me back to full speed.

Suzanne G.

After my pregnancy I was 25 lbs overweight, and believe me, I looked every bit of it. Thanks to Tom I have dropped the "excess baggage" and I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My arms are so defined I'm wearing my spaghetti strap dresses again.

Beth L.